Direct Edge Campaigns Designated Finalist for 13 Reed Awards

Direct Edge Campaigns was named a finalist for 13 Reed Awards for their bold, innovative and winning direct mail in the 2018 election cycle. Two of the thirteen entrees named finalist were in the “Best Overall Direct Mail Piece” category. Other categories included Best Mail Piece for State Senate Candidate, Best Mail Piece for State House Candidate and Toughest Direct Mail Piece.

Getting designated as a Reed Award Finalist is extraordinarily difficult. Thousands of entries compete, but very few make the cut. That’s how it should be in the most exacting award the campaign industry has. So when you encounter a Reed Award Finalist you know one thing for certain, they produce work that’s head and shoulders above the competition,” said Shane D’Aprile, Co-Publisher, Campaigns & Elections.

“We are very thankful for our clients for the opportunity to create top notch winning Republican mail,” said Gregory Gleaves, Founder and President of Direct Edge Campaigns. “We did three times more business in 2018 than in any previous cycle and were able to maintain and improve upon the quality of the product as we grew. Being named a finalist for 13 Reed Awards is an honor and we look forward to attending the ceremony in Austin next month.”

Direct Edge is an award winning full service Republican direct mail firm that takes projects from concepts to the mailbox. The firm does work in 18 states and are continually growing into a national firm. In addition to direct mail the firm specializes in targeting, branding, campaign strategy and graphic design. For examples of their work visit

Named after Campaigns and Elections founder Stanley Reed, the Reed Awards embody excellence in political campaigning, campaign management, political consulting and political design.



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